Our company

The dukes of Braunschweig erected a lead/silver
smelter on the site of today’s Harz-Metall GmbH
factory way back in 1527.

Right up until the second half of the 20th century,
ores extracted from the Rammelsberg mine in
Goslar (which operated for more than 1000 years)
were used to produce lead, silver, copper and zinc,
as well as numerous secondary metals.

The activities of the smelter changed when the
reserves in the mine were exhausted, and in
response to the slump in metal prices. Today’s
Harz-Metall GmbH, which arose in 1986 from the
Harz smelter operated by Preussag AG Metall,
and its affiliated companies on the smelter site in
Oker / Harlingerode, stand for efficient and inno-
vative methods for the recycling of lead and zinc
residuals, as well as for the recycling of polypro-

After the merger of the lead and zinc activities of
the former Peñarroya and PREUSSAG AG METALL
to form Metaleurop, and the subsequent renaming
of the company, the European RECYLEX Group with
its headquarters in Paris arose in 2007. Under the
umbrella of the RECYLEX Group, Harz-Metall GmbH
strengthened its position as one of the leading
recycling operations for lead and zinc in Europe.