Huge volumes of lead are used around the world
every year in vehicle and traction batteries, as
well as in stationary power supply equipment. The
recycling of lead, and the associated conversion
into a recoverable product, means adding value to
raw materials and recycling materials. 

Harz-Metall GmbH regenerates used products to
return them to the material cycle

  • starter batteries
    (cars/commercial vehicles/motorbike lead batteries)
  • traction batteries
  • stationary lead accumulators
  • recycling intermediate products
    (polypropylene battery cases)

A recycling process oriented to systematic material

Specifications for the supply of battery scrap

The properties can be as follows, depending upon
the agreement:

„Tel quel“ („Tel quel dry“ as well as „Tel quel wet“)
„according to the sample“
„as specifiedt“

Lead batteries

Complete, empty or unemptied lead batteries with-
out wood or iron cases (without the inclusion of
appliances or other battery types) from the afore-
mentioned sectors or from special applications.

Special agreement is required for the delivery of
lead accumulators with wood and/or iron cases.

Delivery of lead accumulators:

Bulk delivery by truck or rail in palloxes, containers,
or stacked on palettes. Deliveries must comply with
the relevant stipulations in the applicable environ-
mental and transport acts.

The latest versions of our “Goods and Quality
Agreements” apply and can be requested from us.