A product with unlimited possibilities:
Regenerated polypropylene is used in a huge
number of different ways in a large number of


  • automotive industry
  • construction industry
  • furniture industry
  • electronics industry
  • entertainment industry

Areas of application

  • wheel arch liners, cable harness plugs,
    underbody protectors
  • car body parts
  • water and sewage pipes
  • furniture feet, chair arm rests
  • electric motor housings, vacuum
    cleaner accessories
  • DVD boxes

The modern production facilities in Germany with
capacities of 7 000 t/year, and in France with
capacities of 13 000 t/year, can react quickly to
satisfy your specific requests. The C2P supplier
network boasts a total capacity of 20 000 t/year
and therefore has the resources to quickly balance
out your demand peaks anywhere in Europe.

Our production spectrum

Temperature, light, noise and impact optimisation
are all standard C2P-Cepylen parameters, and the
mineral filler proportions can be customised up
to 40 %.

Our standard specifications

  • mineral filler concentrations up to 40 %
  • melt-flow-index 7 to 40
  • modified impact resistance
  • thermally stabilised products
  • light stabilised products
  • sound-optimised products
  • coloured product

We can satisfy your individual specifications

Our highly qualified employees are the innovation
partners you have been looking for to satisfy all of
your wishes for the development of new products,
mixtures and specifications precisely matched to
your requirements.